22 outubro 2009

Veolia Environnement wildlife photographer of the year winners

José Luis Rodríguez's image of a wolf leaping over a gate has won this year's Veolia Environnement wildlife photographer of the year competition, beating a record 43,135 entries from 94 countries, over 17 categories

11-14 years old category winner:
Royal headgear by Sam Rowley (United Kingdom) Rising early on an autumn morning, Sam set out to stalk the red deer in London's Richmond Park. The park's red deer are used to people so Sam was able to creep to within 5 metres (16.5ft) of this magnificent stag. It had a full set of antlers, ready to clash with other males during the autumn rut, and was thrashing vegetation to get rid of the irritating remains of the velvet that had covered them. As he raised his head, he took the bracken with it, creating a magnificent natural crown against the rising sun.

Animal Behaviour; All Other Animals category winner:
Raindrop refresher by András Mészáros (Hungary) This is a category for photographs of animals that are not mammals or birds; in other words, the majority of animals on Earth. Most of them behave in ways that are seldom witnessed and little known or understood. After a summer shower, Andras headed off to his local forest to take photographs. He specializes in pictures taken around his home near Lake Velence in Hungary; in particular, close-ups. In a sunny glade, he noticed lots of red ants running up and down a flowering common mallow, feeding on the sugar secretions of aphids sucking from the buds. Here, one of the ants sips from a raindrop balanced on a mallow petal.

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