11 outubro 2009

Librarians in the Movies

Thus compiled Martin Raish:

Questions such as these cannot be answered with confidence until we have a better grasp of the overall picture (so to speak...).  This filmography is an ongoing attempt to expand our collective memory, to find a more comprehensive and defensible basis for our acceptance or rejection of the "typical movie librarian" – whatever we think he or she is.  It lists about 550 Hollywood (and a few foreign) productions that in some significant or memorable way include a library or librarian.
The films fall into four groups.

Someone says or does something that clearly identifies himself or herself (or some other character) as a librarian.  This person may be a professional, a clerk, a student assistant, a director or some other type of "librarian."  Some have major roles, others have barely a dozen words to speak.  (About 175 films.)
A library is used for research, for study, to meet someone or for some other purpose, but any librarian that might be visible is essentially no more important than a piece of furniture that helps to identify the setting.  (About 150 films.)
No librarian or library is shown, only mentioned or referred to in passing.  (About 50 films.)
Films I have not seen, nor found adequate descriptive comments about, so am unable to put them into one of the other groups.  In most cases someone is listed in the credits as "librarian" so I assume he/she has a speaking part, but I don't know how significant or memorable it is.  (About 175 films.)
I welcome additions, corrections and comments for all the films listed here, especially for those whose descriptions are incomplete. Many of the films in the A Group need to be reviewed again to see exactly what the librarian says or does.  Several of those in the B Group need fuller reviews.  Some films may need to be shifted from one group to another as more information is uncovered.  And I really want to eliminate Group D.

Title index of the films.
List of actors and actresses who have portrayed librarians.
Short bibliography of articles about librarians in the movies.
Thanx to BiblioFilmes

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