20 outubro 2009

To hear the Russian language...

To watch beautiful people...

My thoughts exactly:

Who wants to see a foreign action flick about a hero with a flying car? Me, not so much – that is, until I heard that Russian director Timur Bekmambetov was on board as producer. I absolutely loved Bekmambetov's modern day sci-fi film Night Watch and its sequel, Day Watch. While his Hollywood debut, Wanted, left me a little apathetic, I'll still give anything that Bekmambetov's hard-to-pronounce name is attached to, especially if it looks as fun as Black Lightning.

The special effects-laden action pic follows a college student who drives an old, used Volga (from the looks of it, a late 1950s model) that can fly and do other awesome things -- short of transforming into a giant robot -- that allow its driver to become a crime-fighting hero. 
Black Lightning is co-directed by Bekmambetov bud Dmitriy Kiselev, who served as editor on Night Watch, Day Watch, and Bekmambetov's cheesy gladiator chick film for Roger Corman, The Arena. Kiselev also shot second unit on Wanted, which bodes well for the action-packed Black Lightning.

The film's other co-director is apparently a composer named Aleksandr Voitinsky. I say "apparently" because Black Lightning isn't yet listed in IMDB, and I wouldn't be surprised if the exact details of production got lost in translation during the past few months.

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