30 junho 2003

This confirms my morning headaches...
Hopefully there's room enough in there for some sex thoughts...

Welcome to my (contradicted? inconsistent? Oh God...) beliefs:
You have been awarded the TPM service medal! This is our third highest award for outstanding service on the intellectual battleground.
The fact that you have progressed through this activity without suffering many hits suggests that whilst there are inconsistencies in your beliefs about God, on the whole they are well thought-out.
The direct hits you suffered occurred where your answers implied logical contradictions. You did bite a number of bullets. These occurred because you responded in ways that required that you held views that most people would have found strange, incredible or unpalatable. At the bottom of this page, we have reproduced the analyses of your direct hits and bitten bullets.
The fact that you did not suffer many hits means that you qualify for our third highest award. Well done!

27 junho 2003

O course, my beloved Portugal, here are some nice pics.
I'm not alone looking westwards, can't be...


Lo siento, pero siento debilidad por esta mujer...

El café "Ze velha de Lisboa", que te arroja sobre el castillo

PhotoEspaña '03 is open for business:

Here's Madrid under the snow, by Francesc Català-Roca

My old, beloved Ireland, by Christine Spengler

Sarajevo, the National Library... So it goes...

Am I good or what?

26 junho 2003

Parabéns a esta página de uma associação cultural portuguesa com um belí­ssimo grafismo a acompanhar a ideia que o nome nos transmite: Vo'arte. Esperamos poder beneficiar dos conteúdos culturais tão bem imaginados e de nomes tão atraentes!

25 junho 2003

So you think technology is all for the best improvement of our lives? Think again, so they say...

13 junho 2003

This just in...
Where do hobbits come from?
The 75th aniversary of the OED on the origin of some English words...
The Tate Gallery is setting up a web page to include
works from its most prominent painter. Yessss, that includes Turner! (the link might have being slashdotted)