05 agosto 2004

What, Me Register?

I have a confession. I'm not always who or what I appear to be. Depending on my mood, I'm a 92-year-old spinster from Topeka whose hobbies include snowboarding, macramé and cryptology; the CEO of a successful high-tech firm in Bumblebutt, New York, whose company has a market capitalization of four cents; or an Alaskan mango grower. What magazines do I read? Soldier of Fortune, Modern Bride, Granta and High Times. Date of birth? Dec. 7, 1941. July 4, 1976. Jan. 1, 1901. My name? Jed Clampett, Mustang Sally or Freddy Fudbuster.

And who's responsible for my multiple personality disorder? I blame the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post -- and any other news site that requires that I register before viewing content.

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