28 fevereiro 2006

The Connoisseur's Guide to Sushi:

Everything You Need to Know About
Sushi Varieties and Accompaniments,
Etiquette and Dining Tips, and More
by Dave Lowry
Tell the truth: When you go out for sushi, don't you worry that you're not doing it quite right? And don't you hate feeling ignorant and inept about such a popular food category? If you do, you're going to love this informative little handbook by a St. Louis food writer who clearly know his way around a sushi-ya.

A present for: Anyone who doesn't want to look like a dork at the sushi bar.
What it is: A rundown on sushi fish from aji to uzuri tamago.
Required readings: Washing It Down: What to drink with sushi. (Hint: It's not sake.)
How the wasabi and soy sauce ritual got started, and why it's wrong.
Chopstick etiquette.
The training of an itamae, or sushi chef.
What's the deal with that ceramic Hello Kitty.
Something extra: A glossary of sushi-ben, or slang, with a warning that using it incorrectly will make you look really dumb.
Publisher and price: Harvard Common Press, $14.


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