08 outubro 2004

The Ultimate Pink Floyd Quiz:

1 – What was Arnold Layne’s hobby, and where did he end up as a result of it?
2 – Which Pink Floyd album can be seen in the Stanley Kubrick movie, A Clockwork Orange?
3 – Which Pink Floyd song has 36 different drummers playing on it?
4 – How many different types of animals have been named in the lyrics of Pink Floyd songs?
5 – Name the former member of The Groundhogs who performed The Wall live with Pink Floyd.
6 – Which Pink Floyd band member has appeared on every Pink Floyd record?
7 – Which Floyd album was blasted into space with Soviet cosmonauts in 1988 and orbited the earth aboard the MIR Space Station?
8 – What alternate title was used for the Pink Floyd album Relics in the EMI tape archives prior to its release?
9 – How is actress Naomi Watts related to Pink Floyd?
10 – Name the one song on The Wall album that features a duet between Roger Waters and Richard Wright.
11 – What US band did Pink Floyd stay with during their brief US tour in November 1967?
12 – On which Floyd song do members of the New York City Opera perform?
13 – What was the original worldwide release date of The Dark Side of the Moon?
14 – On which Pink Floyd album can the Elfin Oak be seen?
15 – What is the largest inflatable animal that has accompanied Pink Floyd on tour?
16 – Who is Blue Ocean and what is his relationship to Pink Floyd?
17 – What is the name of Pink Floyd’s first album, and where did the title come from?
18 – In which Pink Floyd promo video can key player Richard Wright be seen playing a trombone?
19 – What is the name of the musician who played clarinet on the song Outside The Wall from The Wall?
20 – The song Chapter 24 refers to a chapter in which book?
21 – Which animated TV series featured the Pink Floyd inflatable pig purchased by Peter Frampton at a Pink Floyd yard sale?
22 – Who sang the song Seamus from the Meddle album?
23 – Which piece of music did Pink Floyd perform for the first time in over 20 years on their 1994 Division Bell tour?
24 – Name four Pink Floyd songs that have been censored for radio play.
25 – What is the name of the guitarist who played nylon-string classical guitar on the song Is There Anybody Out There? on The Wall album?
26 – On which Pink Floyd song can the voice of actor Marlon Brando be heard?
27 – Who wrote the first song on the first Pink Floyd album, and who wrote the last song on the last Pink Floyd album?
28 – Name three connections between Doctor Who and Pink Floyd.
29 – What do the first letters of the real first names of Syd Barrett, Roger Water’s father and Roger Waters spell?
30 – Which Pink Floyd song has the most words in its lyrics?

To be answered by November 1st 2004 :-)

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