01 outubro 2004

Ah, the joys of geography...
The question was "How many hours does it take to go to Japan by car?". (true story)

He didn't know where Japan is, and even bofore that, he didn't know that Japan is an island.
And then, I thought. "What kind of world map is pictured in his mind?"

This was a beginning to think that it might be fun to gather those mixed up recognitions of countries and visualize it as a world map imagined by the fools in the world.

First, the countries are roughly allocated. From now on, countries will be added based on participants' comments. If you "don't know" or "don't even care" about the countries that are added, please submit a comment such as "Huh?" .

comment sample:
> Tanzania has been added.

If there're many comments or questions like that, relevant country will be downsized or deleted. To the contrary, territory of relevant country will be moved or enlarged if there are comments like "more to the right", "larger". At the same time, comments about positional information of any landmark such as a pyramid of Egypt is appreciated.

PS: Don't miss where Portugal and Spain are...

Some pearls:

109. Top part of Iran became Israel (not that this won't happen soon)
110. Ireland became London (he he)
119. Due to a Portuguese report saying "Americans often told me that Portugal is
a part of Spain.", bottom part of Spain became Portugal. (this is old news)
94. An Island above Spain became Scotland due to a posting by another stupid American thinking "Scotland is an island near Spain".

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