01 setembro 2004

Long article about the upcoming anime movies. Of course Miyazagui is so there.
Here are some excerpts:

"In coming months, anime's three most prominent directors will release major films in the US. Oshii's Innocence will hit theaters in September. Soon afterward, Katsuhiro Otomo will debut Steamboy, an Indiana Jones-style adventure that takes place in an alternative Victorian age where turbo unicycles and pressure-powered jetpacks battle for supremacy. Then Hayao Miyazaki will deliver Howl's Moving Castle, about a teenage girl who flees a curse by hiding in a gigantic mechanical castle that prowls about on insectlike legs. In addition, Disney will issue three older Miyazaki films on DVD early next year, two of which have never before been released in the US."

"Born in 1941, Miyazaki is anime's graybeard, a towering figure frequently likened to Walt Disney. His family moved repeatedly in the tumult of postwar Japan, and his mother - the inspiration for the many fierce, smart, volatile women in his films - spent nine years in the hospital with spinal tuberculosis. With their mother incapacitated and their father away at work, Miyazaki and his three brothers had to fend for themselves, a situation he revisited in My Neighbor Totoro (1988), his most autobiographical film."

[Here's the printer friendly article on Wired]

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