04 março 2011

What If 'Rango' Really Was Based on Hunter S. Thompson?

From Cinematical

Johnny Depp supposedly based the character he created for 'Rango' on his Hunter S. Thompson impersonation from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.' To us, at least, this sounds like an awesome idea, especially considering that Depp already adapted one impersonation of a world-famous charismatic druggie, Keith Richards, into the massively successful 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

This got us thinking: Hunter S. Thompson ran for sheriff of Aspen, Colo.; Rango becomes the sheriff of Dirt. What if 'Rango' director Gore Verbinski took this idea a little bit further? Artist Edward Rueda gave us his best Ralph Steadman impersonation of what Rango would look like if the story of 'Rango' were inspired by Hunter S. Thompson as well.

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