04 abril 2006

Ataque de Patrioteira :-)

Exemplo de diversidade: Ibrik
The Greeks called this vessel an ibrik, the Arabs called it cevzve. Originally designed to brew coffee in the hot desert sand, using this vessel to make coffee spread from Egypt to the Middle East to Europe then to Russia. This classic copper and brass ibrik is polished to a mirror finish then lacquered to protect the shine. This finest quality ibrik is made in Portugal where the art of brewing coffee spread through the invasion of the Moors and then trading and colonisation after the successful expedition of Vasco de Gama around the Cape. Formed with a wide body and a narrow neck, an oven effect is created in the brewing process. This is ideal for making Turkish coffee, as a milk warmer for a cafe au lait or as a beautiful decor item.

Para americanos, no iGourmet

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