31 março 2006

The Historian / O Historiador / La Historiadora (?)

I don't pretend to know the first thing about the books around, God knows I have no time to read them, writing away as I am (not my own book, though :|, so I had nooo idea whatsoever that Elizabeth Kostova's masterpiece is about Vlad the Impaler (and other things?). Bloody hell :[
I must have been catatonic in me casket. Ooohhhh...

So life is what happens when you're busy, caught unawares, making plans?
Yes, reading books is life to me :)
The book is the life...

WHY the feminine for the title in Spanish? To distinguish from Catalan? To follow the French?

In French it is L'Historienne et Drakula, (Tome I = more than one book?) so it's bound to sell like hotcakes (comme des petits pains)

An excerpt:

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