22 agosto 2011

The Tempest Made Flesh

I received The Word Made Flesh as a birthday gift this year, and have been enjoying it greatly. So, I thought I’d send in a picture of mine. I got this tattoo early in 2011, a couple weeks before I turned 40.  It’s my first and (currently) only tattoo.  I’ve spent most of my life working on Shakespeare, performing, directing, studying.  This tattoo is inspired by the First Folio, the first collected edition of Shakespeare’s works, published in 1623.  The text is from “The Tempest”, act 3, scene 2, from one of my favorite speeches in all of literature.  I left the spelling as it is in the Folio, and the typeface is inspired by the Folio font.  The rabbits are from the header engraving of the First Folio text of The Tempest, first page. —Chris

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