02 novembro 2004

So, this is the best I could do so far. 'Twas fun.

1 – What was Arnold Layne’s hobby, and where did he end up as a result of it?

He collected women's clothes from washing lines. Ended up imprisoned.

2 – Which Pink Floyd album can be seen in the Stanley Kubrick movie, A Clockwork Orange?

In one scene, where alex (malcom Mcdowell) goes to the shoping center to buy a record.
once he stands in front of the man, bangs his stick and askes about his request, if you look to the top right hand corner near the light, the album cover, of the cow is clearly visible.

3 – Which Pink Floyd song has 36 different drummers playing on it?

4 – How many different types of animals have been named in the lyrics of Pink Floyd songs?

Thirty-two (Armadillo, Bear, Bird, Butterfly, Cat, Cattle, Crow, Dog, Dove, Duck, Eagle, Fish, Fox, Hound, Jaguar, Kingfisher, Lark, Mackeral, Mole, Mouse, Pig, Pigeon, Rabbit, Rat, Raven, Seagull, Sheep, Swallow, Swan, Tiger, Unicorn, Worm)

5 – Name the former member of The Groundhogs who performed The Wall live with Pink

6 – Which Pink Floyd band member has appeared on every Pink Floyd record?

Nick Mason

7 – Which Floyd album was blasted into space with Soviet cosmonauts in 1988 and orbited the earth aboard the MIR Space Station?

The Delicate Sound of Thunder (which is IMHO a tasteless choice)

8 – What alternate title was used for the Pink Floyd album Relics in the EMI tape archives prior to its release?

Relics, a Bizarre Collection of Antiques and Curios

9 – How is actress Naomi Watts related to Pink Floyd?

Her father was the Peter Watts, the Floyd sound engineer until 1974.

10 – Name the one song on The Wall album that features a duet between Roger Waters and Richard Wright.

This has to be wrong. There's a only duet but it's Waters vs Gilmour in Comfortably Numb.
Although it might be Nobody home (although Wright doesn't sing hence it ain't a duet per se)

11 – What US band did Pink Floyd stay with during their brief US tour in November 1967?

This might be The Gods although they also took part in the Jimmy Hendrix Experience
tour with a "saucerful" of groups.

12 – On which Floyd song do members of the New York City Opera perform?

13 – What was the original worldwide release date of The Dark Side of the Moon?

March 24, 1973

14 – On which Pink Floyd album can the Elfin Oak be seen?

I'm sure it's one of the early ones but I've gone thru all the coverwork and I haven't been
able to see it.

15 – What is the largest inflatable animal that has accompanied Pink Floyd on tour?

A pig

16 – Who is Blue Ocean and what is his relationship to Pink Floyd?

No clue :(

17 – What is the name of Pink Floyd’s first album, and where did the title come from?

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. It's Chapter seven from "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame.

18 – In which Pink Floyd promo video can key player Richard Wright be seen playing a

Jugband Blues

19 – What is the name of the musician who played clarinet on the song Outside The Wall from The Wall?

20 – The song Chapter 24 refers to a chapter in which book?

It's from a translation of the I Ching (Book of Changes), from it's chapter 24,

21 – Which animated TV series featured the Pink Floyd inflatable pig purchased by Peter Frampton at a Pink Floyd yard sale?

This of course had to be The Simpsons, the Hallapalooza episode.

22 – Who sang the song Seamus from the Meddle album?

An Afghan hound (Mademoiselle Nobs)

23 – Which piece of music did Pink Floyd perform for the first time in over 20 years on their 1994 Division Bell tour?

Astronomy Domine

24 – Name four Pink Floyd songs that have been censored for radio play.

"Arnold Layne," "It Would Be So Nice," "Another Brick in the Wall, Part Two," "Run Like Hell"

25 – What is the name of the guitarist who played nylon-string classical guitar on the song Is There Anybody Out There? on The Wall album?

Willie Wilson

26 – On which Pink Floyd song can the voice of actor Marlon Brando be heard?

27 – Who wrote the first song on the first Pink Floyd album, and who wrote the last song on the last Pink Floyd album?

Syd Barrett (Astronomy Domine) and Gilmour, Samson (High Hopes)

28 – Name three connections between Doctor Who and Pink Floyd.

29 – What do the first letters of the real first names of Syd Barrett, Roger Water’s father and Roger Waters spell?

Roger Keith Barret
Eric Fletcher Waters
George Roger Waters


30 – Which Pink Floyd song has the most words in its lyrics?

It has to be Sheep from Animals

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